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Shipping FAQ

Where do I ship from and to?
I ship from Canada, and I am currently shipping to: Canada, USA, UK (please contact me ahead of time if from the UK so we can see what options are available. It's been a decade since I've shipped out that way so I'm unfamiliar with the changes)

What shipping service is used?
I currently use Canada Post for all my shipments as the packages are fairly small in size

What type of materials are used to ship out my order?
Your package is both wrapped recycled and new materials.
Packages come in 3 layers.
Layer 1 is your cute items wrapped in new unused packaging, be it bubble wrap, tissue paper and/or little baggies so that your items stay clean and safe as possible.
Layer 2 is for protection. I may  use recycled boxes/foam/bubblewrap as well as new packaging/boxes.   I do my best to reuse and recycle CLEAN boxes/packing foam/bubble-wrap.  Examples would be amazon boxes/packages, electronic boxes etc. I will never use old food boxes due to cleanliness.
Layer 3 is the sealing layer. This means using new supplies such as tape, brown kraft paper, weather resistant bubble-wrap mailers/poly mailers

When will my order be filled out and my items be shipped?
Orders take 7-10 days to process depending on the order size. At this time packages will be shipped out every Saturday in batches.  I have limited access to town and live out in the country/boonies. I am able to get to town once a week to ship out your items. Should there be a special circumstance and you need order shipped sooner, please contact me and we will see what we can do.

Why is shipping so expensive?
Shipping in Canada right now is pretty expensive. I do my best to pack you order as safe but as small as I can so to avoid extra costs. If you have bought anything created with fluffy clay, these pieces are really fragile and need extra packaging to keep them safe. Think of these pieces as a dried squishy foam. Even though there is a hard resin coat protecting them, they are still fragile. I do hope to lock down my packaging in the next few months so that it reduces the overall size to save you money.

I’m a local, can I pick up my order?
If you are a local to the Perth/Smithsfalls/Drummond/CarletonPlace/Lanark area, pick ups for your item can be arranged. Please reach out to me via email with your request to see if it possible. I am in the K7H 3C8 postal code area out in Drummond Township. Please be sure to state that you are interested in a local pick up in your order.

General FAQ

What happens if an item is sold out?

If you have an item on your list that is sold out, I will reach out to you to let you know which item is sold out and the status and some possible options should you wish to replace the item with another from the shop. Some pieces I will be recreating every month as a staple item in the shop,  such as pieces from the rain cloud series, while others were a one time creation.

I received my order but there are some items in there that I did not order, what’s up?

Occasionally I will add a freebie item or two into an order as a surprise thank you. These items are not included in your overall shipping weight, it is added afterwards and I pay out of pocket for the thank you. Some examples of freebies that you may get are: stickers, keychains that were created by me, clay figurines/pieces, sometimes an extra set of earrings depending on the order. Should you want to opt out  on the chance for freebie, please let me know in your email order I will comply.

I see that some items are discounted, why is that?

Although I like my adorably imperfect pieces, at times the error/mistake on the item is sometimes so very visible to your eye and to the touch. While learning about new materials such mistake happen.  For example, some pieces that have a white backing can have some velour cured in as I didn't think of it "fluffing" up my work area/hands, or other times a dropped tool on my work surface will create an indent on a piece that is not intended. These pieces are still adorably cute and deserve to find a loving home too. So I've discounted any piece that I feel is a tad subpar from my intended output. Some pieces can crack when too thick, but the resin coat is a hard resin that protects the item.

Handcrafted FAQ

Are all my items hand crafted?

Well the answer is mostly yes. Anything made of clay, wire wrapped stones/wands and keychains are made by me. I do not make my own metal findings (earring hooks, eye hooks, copper wire, earring backings, pin/brooch parts ect) nor do I make the velour/cloth roping that comes with pendant purchases. I do resin coat the items but I do not make the resin myself. It is purchased premixed.  I do make most of my jewelry backing cards, company stickers and care guides in-house. Sometimes I use clay that is already coloured, other times I will paint the clay after the curing process. This creates a subtle difference in some of the pieces.

Adorably Imperfect? What does that mean?
That means that your items will look handcrafted. I really like the cute look handcrafted clay. I find it adorable and can visually see that a crafter put time and intention into the piece. I do use shape cutter at times, but then each piece is smoothed/rounded with the metal finding in the clay pieces, scultped, then cured, then sanded.  Also mistakes happen, a dropped tool, two pieces touching even with precautions taken, but this doesn’t mean the item is broken and should be tossed out. If you receive a piece that you are unhappy with due to handcrafted look, please message me and I will try to resolve the issue.  

How do I know which side of my jewelry is the forward facing side?

Some of the pieces have a plain side that is normally one or 2 shades of colours. Others have a patterned front and back. The easiest way to tell which side is the forward facing side is to look for the side that has a thick mostly smooth resin coat. The back side of the piece will have resin on it, but it is brushed on as a quick protective layer rather than a glossed smooth front finish. I originally started to coat both the front and back with a thick smooth gloss finish but then realized that I was putting in lot of time trying to make sure the back part was as nearly perfect with extra resin that it was not worth the extra cost to you as a customer. If you are looking for a custom set with a fully finished front/back please message me.

How do I replace an item that is handcrafted?

Being that some of my pieces are near impossible to recreate, I can recreate something very similar with the same colour scheme and techniques. I use a technique that can make it hard to recreate the same wood grain, colour melding to be the same. I use a Japanese metal bending technique to create wood like grains. It is called Mokume-Gane to create Damascus steel.

I am new to using resin in my crafts. In the few months of working with it I have drastically improved the look of the resin but I’m still learning. I am using a premixed hardening resin and even with using a flame to pop bubbles, little bubbles still happen when I’m using a brush to apply it. Drips rarely happen but they do happen occasionally.  Some of these pieces will be sold at regular pricing and other will be put in the wonky but cute discounted shop.

Custom Orders

Custom Orders: If you are looking for a custom set of jewelry using polymer clay, this can be done for an extra fee. Please contact me with your request/ideas on what you are looking for to open up a discussion with me. Custom choices would range from colour, size, shape, technique(ex.marbling, Mokume-Gane), materials (ex. Gold foil sheets), to end product result (ex. pendant, keychains, car mirror trinket, earrings, pin/brooch, window hanging,fridge magnet etc)Custom orders for Dino Ark Eggs/Nest are being taken into consideration for an extra fee. Creating these eggs with a foamy clay means I have to take great care while handling and creating these pieces. The nests themselves take almost 2 hours to create/shape, while the eggs are a little easy to sculpt.They take 4 days to cure before any resin can be applied. Please contact me if you're looking for a custom set. Custom choices would be - colours, size, material used (can used polymer clay) for hardier/durable eggs/nests to be added to pendant, keychains, car mirror trinket, earrings, pin/brooch, window hanging,fridge magnets etc.)All custom orders require a deposit up front to secure your order and to ensure I do not lose out on materials/time should an order be abandoned. Abandoned orders are orders partially paid for but then 60 days have passed without a payment for last potion of the order. This usually only occurs with a custom order.