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Beauty in Chaos Wire Pendant

Beauty in Chaos Wire Pendant

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This beautiful medallion is created using many different types of semi precious stones, glass beads and pearls encased in wrapped copper wire. It features a little lady bug climbing the copper wire (no it does not acutally climb it but it does move a little! I created this pieces to show that beauty can found in something so chaotic and "ugly" in the standards of society. Everything has beauty in it, including you!!
This pieces features on of my signature swirls that most of my wire creations have on them in some form. This piece is a weighty for a pendant and as such has the ability to be transfered to another type of thicker necklace should you have one. It comes with a nylon/velvelt neck rope tie but it's not the strongest. (once I find my cotton roping for making necklaces it will be switched over to it)

you can also turn this into a window hanging or car mirror dangly by shortning the cord or just mention it in your order and I can switch it out to what you need.

MATERIALS: copper wire, brass wire, glass beads, pyrite, pearls, carnelian stone, stone with natural with holes, tiny wood bead, golden ladybug
DIMENSIONS: 70mm in diameter x15mm thick(100mm incl pendant swirl)

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