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Black Licorice Pipe Earrings

Black Licorice Pipe Earrings

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These black licorice pipe earrings are inspired by the candies from the Y & S Candies company from 1970/80’s. These are the pipe shapes that I recall from my childhood rather than the long skipper pipes that you see these days.

Candy! Be it chewy, crunchy, sticky, sour, or sweet, this series is all about candy!! I grew up in the 80's/90's, so many of these sweets in this first series are inspired by those days. Sweeten up your style with these non-edible accessories!

Disclaimer: Please note that when an order is placed you will be getting an item that is similar to the ones pictured. As my creations are done by hand they are all very similar to eachother but never exactly the same.

Product Dimensions: 13mm x 40mm long x 20mm thick
Product Weight: 8.5g each, 17g in total
Prodcut Material: Polymer Clay, jewelry fastners, hypoallergenic/stainless steel hooks, resin, and love.

Photo credit of Y & S candies box - 

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