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Dino Egg Earrings - Bronto

Dino Egg Earrings - Bronto

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These egg earrings are inspired by one of my favourite dinosaur games, Ark Survival Evolved. These are considered an extra large sized egg in the game and come from the grand Brontosaurus (A.K.A. Bronto). These adorable teal eggs are a lightweight pair of dangly earrings. Add some adorableness to your look with these unique dino egg earrings!

MATERIALS: fluffly air clay, acrylic paint, hard resin epoxy, steel eye pin fastner, stainless steel or hypoallergenic earring hooks
WEIGHT:  0.70g each (1.40g for the pair)
DIMENSIONS:  egg is 25mm tall and 18mm in diameter

These earrings are available as a standalone item or as part of a set under the set categories. Custom orders for eggs are being taken into consideration for an extra fee. Please contact me if looking for a custom set. (Custom choices would be - colors, size, material used (can used polymer clay for hardier eggs to be added to keyrings, car mirrors, zippers ect.))

Warning: These earrings are not suitable for young children as they can easily be crushed with enough pressure. 

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