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Dino Egg Nest Pin

Dino Egg Nest Pin

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This nest egg pin is inspired by one of my favourite dinosaur games, Ark Survival Evolved. These adorable nests are holding one precious dinosaur egg. It is a lightweight pin used to decorate your pin bag, or your clothes! Add some adorableness to your look with these unique little dino egg nest pins!
Egg choices:
xm/sm eggs - dodo (AED100), lystro (AEL100), featherlight (AEF100), glowtail (AEGL100), p-tera (AEPT)
med eggs - troodon (AET100), terror bird (AETB100)
lg/xl eggs- bronto (AEB100), giga (AEG100), t-rex (AER100)

when purchasing this product, please be sure use the comment section to list which egg you are looking wanting for your nest. (either by name, product id/sku or picture). If comment section is left emptyI will make sure to contact you to ensure you are getting the right egg in your nest before packing up your order.

WEIGHT: varies on selections
DIMENSIONS: nest are usually around 25- 30mm in diameter

WARNINGS: not suitable for young children

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