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Rainbow Rain Cloud Stud Earrings

Rainbow Rain Cloud Stud Earrings

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I love the rain, so much so I've made cute earrings ! My concept behind this piece is you can see the rainbow without rain, and you can't have rain without clouds. This piece embodies my love and passion for the rainstorms. Show others you too love the rain and accessorise your look.  Each earring has a dangle rain drop.

Disclaimer: Please note that when an order is placed you will be getting an item that is similar to the ones pictured. As my creations are done by hand they are all very similar to eachother but never exactly the same.

WEIGHT: 3.5g each, 7 in total
DIMENSIONS: 30mm wide x 4mmthick x 22mm tall (65mm to drop)

WARNING: not suitable for young children as it can be a choking hazard.

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