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Dino Egg Earrings - Set of 3

Dino Egg Earrings - Set of 3

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Are you looking to purchase multiple Dino Egg earrings? Here you can purchase a set of 3 eggs. You can choose 1 from the xm/sm category, 1 from the medium category and 1 from the lg/xl category.

xm/sm eggs - dodo (AED100), lystro (AEL100), featherlight (AEF100), glowtail (AEGL100), p-tera (AEPT)
med eggs - troodon (AET100), terror bird (AETB100)
lg/xl eggs- bronto (AEB100), giga (AEG100), t-rex (AER100)

when purchasing this product, please be sure to add a comment to your order and list which 3 of the eggs you are looking for either by egg name or indivual SKU listed on pictures.  I will make sure to contact you to ensure you are getting the 3 sets you would like before packing up your order.

MATERIALS: fluffly air clay, acrylic paint, hard resin epoxy, steel eye pin fastner, stainless steel or hypoallergenic earring hooks
WEIGHT: varies on selections
DIMENSIONS: varies on selections

Custom orders for eggs are being taken into consideration for an extra fee. Please contact me if looking for a custom set. (Custom choices would be - colors, size, material used (can used polymer clay for hardier eggs to be added to keyrings, car mirrors, zippers ect.))

Warning: These earrings are not suitable for young children as they can easily be crushed with enough pressure.

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