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Skyrim Master Lock and tools brooch

Skyrim Master Lock and tools brooch

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I loved picking locks in Skyrim! If there was a lock,I couldn’t pass it up and had to pick it open or log it in my book to return later with a higher skill. Unlocking the master skill to be able to get to the most precious of locks open was such an epic feeling. The brooches are inspired by my love of lockpicking in Skyrim. The brooch has a lock, both tools that are needed to pick a lock (lockpick and dagger) and a rune representing the lockpicking skills fully unlocked.

Disclaimer: Please note that when an order is placed you will be getting an item that is similar to the ones pictured. As my creations are done by hand they are all very similar to eachother but never exactly the same.

Product Dimensions: 40mm x 75mm long x 4mm thick

Product Weight: 15g

Prodcut Material: Polymer Clay, jewelry fasteners, hypoallergenic/stainless hooks, resin, and love.

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