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Skyrim Sweet Rolls hook earrings

Skyrim Sweet Rolls hook earrings

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If you’ve ever played Skyrim or Elder Scrolls Online you have most definitely stumbled across these sweet treats. Be at the inn, or in a cave, or out by a river at a fishing spot, or even stolen ones that your sticky fingers have found, sweet rolls are everywhere. These hook earrings are inspired by one of my favourite items found everywhere in Tamriel.

Disclaimer: Please note that when an order is placed you will be getting an item that is similar to the ones pictured. As my creations are done by hand they are all very similar to eachother but never exactly the same.

Product Dimensions:15mm in diameter x 15mm tall

Product Weight: 5.5g each, 11g in total

Prodcut Material: Polymer Clay, jewelry fasteners, hypoallergenic/stainless hooks, resin, and love.

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